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When hiring Rocky Mountain Biohazard for crime and hoarding clean up services, you’re hiring certified professionals that practice safe, compliant biohazard remediation, including specialized disinfection and hazardous waste disposal.

Rocky Mountain Biohazard performs highly technical work that requires trained professionals to fully decontaminate bodily fluids such as blood and other potentially infectious materials, with the strictest adherence to local, state and federal regulations.

What to look for in a crime scene cleaning company

Our technicians are trained in blood-borne pathogen controls, respiratory protection, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and hazardous communications.

Many companies who claim to specialize in this type of work do not fulfill even the minimum legal requirements dictated by OSHA, the Department of Transportation, and the EPA. Additionally, many pose a direct liability to their customers, due to lack of adequate insurance.

If you are in need of our services, these are the minimum requirements you should expect from a professional biohazard remediation company:

  • Compliant with OHSA regulations.
  • Employees must be Hepatitis B vaccinated.
  • Employees licensed and bonded.
  • Possess a contract with an approved medical waste disposal company for legal bio waste disposal.
  • Employers must provide yearly training in updated procedures.
  • Carry appropriate levels of business liability and worker’s compensation insurance, so that customers are not open for potential lawsuits if an exposure incident occurs.

Cutting corners by performing cosmetic fixes and covering up biological odors with perfumes will always cost less than using the proper disinfectant chemicals and techniques, and following the regulations to completely remediate a scene. But the threat of a regrowth of dangerous biological pathogens and potential law suits is not worth the apparent savings.

For those in search of a biohazard remediation service, or those who refer this service to members of their community, make sure you choose a company with a reputation as a true industry expert.

We assist you every step of the way You can trust Rocky Mountain Biohazard to perform the highest quality biohazard cleaning services from start to finish, discreetly and professionally.

We will handle all the necessary paperwork and insurance claims associated with the decedent. Assistance is available with post-construction efforts and guidance on sources for any additional work as needed. We have a dedicated staff to take care of all the uncomfortable details of post trauma biohazard cleaning services—so you won’t have to.

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