After flying into Colorado to handle my Uncle’s Estate, I had tried a Clutter Business that was a complete disappointment.  Exasperated and overwhelmed, I called Rocky Mountain Biohazard.  I spoke to Donnie, and she was so kind and understanding.  She set the crew up to met with me the very next morning and promptly got me on the schedule.

I was so impressed with the knowledge and the professionalism of the Rocky Mountain team.  They said their job was to take all the worries away from me regarding the project.  They kept their word.  They gave me a very reasonable price (especially after realizing the work entailed), and saved me money on the dumpsters by packing it down efficiently.  I was told by the previous company I was going to need several dumpsters. Rocky Mountain Biohazard efficiently repacked the existing dumpster, took away all of the recyclable items (A large truck load), and did the entire project with only one additional dumpster.

This completely overwhelming situation of extreme hoarding was turned around to a very positive experience, thanks to this wonderful team.  They helped to set aside anything valuable, they gathered any coin that found on the floor, and most importantly they cared.  They constantly checked in on how I was doing, even though they were the ones handling the overwhelming and difficult tasks.  They were extremely efficient, professional, caring, and honest. By end of the three days I was convinced God sent me a group of Angels.  Not only did they help me, but they shared why they loved helping and serving others during difficult times.  It is simple, they care, and it shows in every aspect of their work.  They brought light into a very dark situation and I will continue to recommend them to anyone that is in a similar situation to mine. I cannot express enough gratitude to this exceptional team!!

Thank you Rocky Mountain Biohazard, you lifted a huge burden off of our family.  After you cleaned the home I put it on the market and it sold within three days.

V. Nesmith  

You are a true blessing!  Thank you for all your hard work to get my moms house back in order.  The house was virtually inhabitable and you made it “home” again for her.

We cant thank you enough!

M. Mitchel

We had a great experience with Randel and Donnie — they were professional and thorough from our first contact through the completion of the job.  Randel and Donnie were great to work with and took exceptional care in doing a neat job, leaving no trace of their work while also being careful to leave our living area as clean as when they arrived.  They went above and beyond their regular clean-up by also assisting us with a water leak they identified in our crawlspace, which was greatly appreciated.  We recommend Rocky Mountain Biohazard 100%!

B. Marcum

I want to thank you so much for your professionalism and the delicate care you put into my beloved sons room.  You provide a very important service!  Thank you so much!

C. Ott

I wanted to say thank you for your kindness during the time you were at my home. The room was amazing after your cleanup and the card you sent meant a great deal to me during a very difficult time in my life. The service you provide is truly a gift.

J. Parsons

No one wants to imagine the chain of events that occur after you hear the news that a loved one has passed; Especially under the circumstances that we faced. Hiring Rocky Mountain Biohazard was the best decision…in a line of hundreds of decisions that we had to make after receiving the news. Everyone was extremely empathetic, non-judgmental, helpful and detailed.

R. Smith